Mobile application design

The design of mobile applications is one of the simplest branches of programming, as it needs to learn a few programming methods, as the design of mobile applications is concerned with everything that is used on the application interface, except Android and iPhone, where mobile applications are divided into two types:

  Android: Applications running on the Android system.
They are applications that run on devices running the Android operating system only and are written in different programming languages, including:

1- Kotlin It is considered a simple and uncomplicated language that can through the work of all Android application projects.

2- C-Hash or C-Sharp, which is one of the first programming languages to appear, but it is characterized by some characteristics that made it of special importance until now.

This language is famous for its high ability in the process of processing data systems, and it also has a great role in designing Python 3 - the programming language

Applications .

It is commonly used in the past, as it mixed the two designing websites and applications. C++ 4- Programming language

5- The JavaScript language, which is the basis of mobile applications in terms of design for the user interface.

iPhone: Applications running on a system running the iPhone (
It is a set of applications specially designed to run on the iPhone operating system, and it is required that it be made on the Macbook using programming languages such as:

1- It is known as Swift, which is a more complex language than Kotlin.

2- HTML5 language, which is also used in building the design of websites and applications.

3- Objective C, which is the basis for designing the iPhone application interface.

Mobile application design

Why did most companies turn to designing mobile applications?

Recently, anyone has a smart phone and an Internet connection. Sometimes there are some groups who find it difficult to access or deal with websites, but in applications they do not find it difficult to access them because they download them once, and the user interface of applications is more easy and flexible. Web applications save companies effort and time in providing the necessary information for each customer separately. All information is written once alone and he can refer to it at any time. Also, applications contribute a very large percentage to the consolidation of the brand. Therefore, all these factors made companies turn to designing mobile applications. .

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  Mobile app features:

1- Flexibility of dealing:

Often, applications are more flexible in terms of usability than other means. They are designed with the simplest means that meet the purpose.

2- Brand Awareness:

It is known to us that every application has an icon or a thumbnail, and this icon is often used in the process of raising awareness of the brand by placing the logo of the business.

3- Field study of application:

When thinking about initiating the process of designing a mobile application, a comprehensive field survey is carried out, knowing all the requirements and the user, the extent of the customer’s willingness to interact with the application, identifying all the strengths and weaknesses, and working to add a competitive advantage to the application.


The cost of creating an application

Mobile application design

When talking about the application design process, the process has two parts:
1- User Experience Design (UX):

It is the process concerned with how the operations are sequenced within the application or the customer’s journey within the application so that the process is easy and smoother so that the user feels satisfied with the application.

2- User interface design:

It is the process that is concerned with the aesthetic aspect of the application in terms of choosing color coordination and consistency with the logo and identity of the commercial activity. The easier and more attractive the user interface, the more the user interacts with it.


The best mobile app design company:

   One of the best mobile application design companies in Egypt. This company was distinguished by its superior ability to provide all kinds of The tailors

Applications that suit all customer needs, the mobile application design company is known to provide a common and private application environment, and it is also working to create a landing page with application design to help customers identify the identity of the business.

If you are looking for the best application design company, you must ensure that the company provides an introductory view of the entire application to determine the look

We provide all this information before implementing the approximate final tailors for the application and the time period in addition to the total cost of the project

The project and during the implementation process, we work with the agile feature, which allows the customer to amend at any time during implementation.


Mobile application design prices:

When talking about the prices of designing mobile applications, the conversation goes on because the pricing process depends on a group of factors, and all business owners or commercial activities, when they decide to start the process of being present in the digital world, think about how much the cost of designing a mobile application will be.

Before delving into determining the prices of applications, there is no unified price for all types of applications, and there are characteristics of determining the cost, including user trips within the application or the user experience. into three types:-
1- Designing Android applications only, which are the most used in Egypt.

2- Designing iPhone applications only, which are the most used in the Arabian Gulf.

3- Designing Android & iPhone applications.

The matter differs if you intend to design only one copy or two copies. Below we will explain in an approximate manner the prices for designing mobile applications:





Android & iPhone

Restaurant app design prices

3700 - 3900 dollars

4200-4600 dollars

4900 - 5300 dollars

Delivery app design prices

3800-4000 dollars

4000-4300 dollars

4900 - 5500 dollars

Real estate application design prices

1800 - 2100 dollars

2000 - 2300 dollars

2800-3100 dollars

Prices for designing an application for a tourism company

2200-2400 dollars

2300-2600 dollars

3300-3500 dollars

App store design prices

4100-4400 dollars

4500-4800 dollars

5400 - 5800 dollars






The cost of designing an application for the iPhone:

After the spread of iPhone devices in the world, especially the Arab Gulf, many people became inquiring about the cost of designing an application for the iPhone, in addition to that all user behavior tended to purchase online because the cost of designing an application for the iPhone compared to the revenue behind the design of these applications is negligible, but mostly average Prices for designing an application for the iPhone range from 4,000 to 5,000 dollars, depending on the type and specifications of the application.

Is it possible to profit from creating an application?

Many people ask about how to profit from creating an application, as there are many sources and ways through which profit can be made through applications, so the answer to the question is: Is it possible to profit from creating an application? Yes, one of these methods is to subscribe to the AdSense program, which is a program that Google prepares for its partners by displaying ads on an ad space within the application. Through impressions or through clicks sometimes.

How much profit from applications?

The process of profit from applications is a variable process, that is, it is not necessarily what an application achieves that another achieves, and it is not necessarily what it achieves today that it achieves tomorrow. To answer how much profit from applications? For example, there is an application that has 5 million downloads and active people per day on the application, one million and a half, which is completely different from the application, which has a total number of downloads of 10,000 and active 1,500 per day, but if we say roughly, the profit through appearance ranges between 3-5 dollars per thousand impressions. For clicks, for example, from 15. cents to 50. cents per click.

  :-APK What are design apps

It is a software package used with a system of ready-made templates without the need to write software code to design Android applications with ease and does not require knowledge of programming languages and does not need a computer or laptop and does not take much time to design it, but one of its disadvantages is that sometimes it may have difficulty in Execute the application as required.

The best application programming company:

  One of the best Android and iPhone application programming companies in Egypt, due to the presence of the best software engineers in Egypt, The tailors
And the Arabian Gulf, with a team of more than 32 employees of various nationalities, which contributes to enhancing the spirit of cooperation and exchanging ideas, so it has become the best application programming company with the testimony of its customers.
Application selling prices:
The prices for selling applications can be determined according to the age of the application, the downloads, and the ratings obtained. Mostly, the prices for selling applications are determined by their owners, and they are not less than $4,500.

The company offers special offers to company owners in designing application packages
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