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Designing a real estate app like Aqarmap

Unique real estate marketing app design and comprehensive information from The Taylors. Through it, you can display all properties that need advertising and display them to customers in different areas in an attractive manner that includes all real estate details, pictures, locations, and features. It is easier for customers to convince them of what you offer through your uniqueness in displaying your real estate units.

    • Data privacy

    • Responsive Design

    • Live chat

    • multi-language

    • Smart Search System

    • Location Accuracy

    • Notification system

    • Multi - user

    • Reports and Analysis

    • View Real Estate Data

    • Calculating taxes and premiums

    • Real Estate and Units Exhibition

    • Unit Evaluation System

    • User Profile

 General Project Specifications

General Project Specifications

Easy to control the application management panel

It works on more than one international language for different users

There is a version that works on the iPhone and the Android version

Providing free hosting for 12 months, in addition to a layer of security and protection from hacking

There is a special section to display the different units and sections

The possibility of displaying customer interactions and evaluations and submitting complaints

There is more than one way to open an account and make two-factor authentication

Promotional messages and notices of e-mails.

There is a chat for automatic response and communication with customers

Customer management systems, accounts and real estate development companies.

Periodic details showing workflow

Free after-sales service and technical support for 12 months

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 Management Dashboard

Management Dashboard

  • A complete control panel to manage all the contents of the application
  • A number of open sections to display the real estate components and regions
  • A special section for displaying real estate ownership and real estate for rent
  • The possibility of determining according to the sold and under sale
  • There is a special section for registration of companies
  • Control the addition and deletion of members
  • Providing all customer and corporate sector data
  • Customer management systems to see all the details
  • Building an introductory destination and social media channels for the organization
  • Promotional messages and offers for customers
  • There is a list for customer evaluation and opinions
  • The possibility of adding users according to the powers
  • Full details of work in the form of monthly reports

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 Companies Dashboard

Companies Dashboard

  • Control the approval of the creation of accounts by the administration
  • A special section to add pictures, texts and videos of the property
  • Put each property with the price on Google Map
  • Add the company's social media channels
  • There is a text space to add all the details of the property
  • The ability to improve the appearance of the application on search engines through custom tags
  • Customer response control panel
  • Determine the scheduling of customer previews
  • Automatic response or chatbot to communicate with customers
  • The possibility of distinguishing between the property promotion at the top
  • Analytics of customer reviews and ratings
  • Details of profits and commissions for members

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 Customer Dashboard

Customer Dashboard

Create an account in more than one way
The ability to modify personal data at any time
Divide the search by areas, areas and prices
Possibility of booking online viewings
Providing communication by phone with customers
Automatic response to customers via chatbot
Put a favorite icon to display the property
Statistics showing the number of views for each property
There are alerts on the control panel at each addition
The ability to exclude some promoted-only ads
The ability to mute notifications
Between each drug and the other and distinguish between them A & B test
Adding comments for all companies
Complaints and suggestions support fund

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 real estate App Design Duration

real estate App Design Duration


Programming and designing a real estate application usually takes about 30 days to 60 days in the Android version only. As for the Android and iPhone versions, it ranges between 60-90 days, and we liked the period increases as the features of the application to be added to the application increase. To get quotes for programming and designing applications, contact us

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 real estate App Design Cost

real estate App Design Cost



When requesting quotations, you must know the basics of pricing for designing and programming real estate applications and the criteria for each of them:

1- A request to obtain application programming for more than one version or a user interface for each of (administration - users - customers)

2- The price of the Android version only differs from the Android and iPhone versions, in addition to designing a website.

3- The number of special features of the application plays a big role.


But mostly the prices of programming and designing a real estate application for both the iPhone and Android versions, in addition to the website, the cost of one copy averages $4,000, while the two versions average $6,000. To get an accurate and comprehensive price offer, contact us

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 Special discount for new visitors

Special discount for new visitors


Special offers and discounts for site visitors. To get the offer, contact us and get your website and application at the best costs, in addition to the following:

1- Competitive prices that suit all customers.

2- Discounts up to 8% for visitors to this article

3- Free hosting plus a domain for 12 months

4- Free identity or logo design

5- Integrated marketing consulting to ensure the progress of your activity

6- Manage promotional campaigns for applications for free

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