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Home cleaning services app design

When developing and designing an app for home cleaning services, there are several important criteria that you should pay attention to. This is due to the recent acceptance and spread of these services due to their role in solving a major crisis in sudden visits and important events, and cleaning homes, large villas and companies with great care. Thus, it helps you attract more customers and greatly multiply your profits.

    • Data privacy

    • Add to cart

    • Responsive Design

    • Live chat

    • Multiple payment methods

    • multi-language

    • Smart Search System

    • Rating system

    • Location Accuracy

    • Notification system

    • inquiries system

    • Credit wallet

    • User Profile

    • cleaning workers Request

 General Project Specifications

General Project Specifications

  • Easy to manage the application through the control panel
  • Maintaining the system for all workers' data and retrieving it at any time
  • Available in more than one payment method and in multiple languages
  • The possibility of extracting invoices electronically with electronic payment
  • It works on iPhone and Android operating systems
  • Provide 12 months of free hosting with strong protection
  • The possibility of evaluating the application and submitting complaints
  • You can create an account in more than one way and verify by sending a message
  • Alerts to customers and cleaners
  • Direct communication between management and users
  •   Accounting systems dedicated to calculating profits and commissions
  • Periodic reports showing the progress of work
  • After-sales services and technical support for 12 months

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 Management Dashboard

Management Dashboard

  • A control panel to manage the contents of the application
  • Control the addition and deletion of cleaners accounts
  • Customer data storage system
  • Badge completed services and cases in progress
  • Group or individual publication of user messages
  • Offers, promotions and discount coupons
  • View customer ratings for the app
  • Chatbot to communicate with customers
  • View all services and their prices
  • Adding new sections and services
  • Possibility of evaluation and opinions of cleaners
  • A special section to display customer requests
  • Add more than one supervisor to the application and specify the powers
  • Comprehensive detailing of customer, worker and merchant reports
  • Managing profits and commissions through accounting systems

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 Customer Dashboard

Customer Dashboard

  • More than one way to create an account
  • Field to add personal user data
  • Map to show where the immediate home is
  • View all packages and services and select the required package
  • Possibility of online payment or upon receipt
  • Easy to change the language and personal user data
  • View the rating of cleaners and their data
  • Determine the final cost before requesting the service
  • Before requesting the service, you must know the area to be cleaned
  • Determine the type of package to be booked
  • Chatbot to communicate with customers
  • Ease of booking and canceling the service
  • When selecting the house, the date must be specified
  • Follow the location of the cleaners on the map
  • Ease of submitting complaints and suggestions to management
  • Provide special offers and discount coupons
  • View service, workers, and technician ratings for the application
  • View all order history

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 cleaning Apps Design Duration

cleaning Apps Design Duration


Programming and designing a real estate application usually takes about 30 days to 60 days in the Android version only. As for the Android and iPhone versions, it ranges between 60-90 days, and we liked the period increases as the features of the application to be added to the application increase. To get quotes for programming and designing applications, contact us

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 cleaning Apps Design Cost

cleaning Apps Design Cost



When requesting quotations, you must know the basics of pricing for designing and programming real estate applications and the criteria for each of them:

1- A request to obtain application programming for more than one version or a user interface for each of (administration - users - customers)

2- The price of the Android version only differs from the Android and iPhone versions, in addition to designing a website.

3- The number of special features of the application plays a big role.


But mostly the prices of programming and designing a real estate application for both the iPhone and Android versions, in addition to the website, the cost of one copy averages $4,000, while the two versions average $6,000. To get an accurate and comprehensive price offer, contact us

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 Special discount for new visitors

Special discount for new visitors


Special offers and discounts for site visitors. To get the offer, contact us and get your website and application at the best costs, in addition to the following:

1- Competitive prices that suit all customers.

2- Discounts up to 8% for visitors to this article

3- Free hosting plus a domain for 12 months

4- Free identity or logo design

5- Integrated marketing consulting to ensure the progress of your activity

6- Manage promotional campaigns for applications for free

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