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online clothing store app design

Fashion and fashion shopping apps are very popular among customers of all ages, which makes the chances of their success in the market very high. It allows the user to choose and buy whatever he wants without having to leave his place, which saves him time and effort. Therefore, designing an online clothing store is an important step to facilitate customer access and increase sales and profits.

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 How to design an online clothing store app

How to design an online clothing store app

Designing an online clothing store application is a goal for many merchants and competitors, and this matter is not difficult at all. It only requires accuracy in working in terms of dealing with guaranteed companies and experience in the field of electronics and promoting the required products according to the desire of customers, and here are the most important details.

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 When designing an online clothing store application, the following must be done:

When designing an online clothing store application, the following must be done:

Electronic systems companies are keen to provide an insurance certificate when dealing with merchants wishing to design an online clothing store application, and they also include a distinguished and reliable work team in creating the site through the following steps:


  • Choose the online store on a popular platform in Google Chrome without having to use a website.
  • The website linked to the application must be easy to open and fast to browse to avoid customer inconvenience.
  • Publishing a group of huge advertisements about the application in public places and social media sites for quick promotion in a short period.
  • Providing a chat icon for easy communication with customers and obtaining their data and the required product, taking good care of complaints and defects and re-fixing them.
  • You should put a hosting tool on the store for easy navigation between the Google page and publishing your application site.
  • Putting a search tool on the first page of the application that includes several different sections, the available colors of the products, and the quality of the fabric and the material.
  • Coordinating natural images of clothes without the filter affecting them greatly and publishing them in each advertisement so that the customer can see them well before ordering a purchase.
  • Allocating an icon with a distinctive color, such as gold or silver, to obtain customer evaluation of the clothes and gain the trust of others.
  • The application must be updated and everything new added every three months at least so that it appears on the first search engines for customers.
  • Linking the application to the Google Play Store and also to the electronic platform, as it greatly helps to increase confidence in business.
  • Provide complete protection against hacking of the privacy of the application and maintain the protection of the merchant from the risks of fraud and electronic fraud.

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 Specifications that must be available in an online clothing store

Specifications that must be available in an online clothing store

The main goal for merchants after designing an online clothing store application should be to satisfy customers and gain their trust compared to other sites, and for this the following points must be provided:


  • Developing large numbers of products in different shapes and distinctive colors, paying close attention to fashion and the fashion world.
  • Allocating sections for formal clothes, cotton home clothes, and underwear, as this helps greatly in ordering a single order that includes more than one piece.
  • The control panel must include a tool to choose between Arabic and English, according to the customer's desire.
  • Providing a variety of payment methods, whether on delivery, websites, or a bank account, to avoid any obstacles when delivering and paying.
  • Creating a shopping cart-like icon to place purchases without having to re-search for the product, saving time and effort.
  • The pieces that will be shipped must be taken into account in terms of quality, required size, and packaging, and this is considered one of the most important steps after designing an online clothing store application.
  • Guaranteed shipping companies must be dealt with to ensure that the customer’s order is delivered on time, and freight services are reduced, and it is required that it covers all governorates.

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 The costs of creating an application to sell clothes online

The costs of creating an application to sell clothes online

The price of designing an online clothing store application varies according to the software used in the construction and the maintenance operations that will be performed in the long term, and are arranged in the following points:


The type of store used

This step is the most expensive, as there are many small and large electronic stores that can be used in designing an online clothing store application, as the large sizes are relatively expensive because they include distinctive features in artistic design that are not available in other types.


Application programming system

The programming system is related to the type of store that the merchant desires, as the electronic mechanisms used in the huge application are completely different from the small application area in size, and the best types of software are HTML and PHP.


Select hosting

Hosting is a modern method that helps to gain fame and distinction in the areas of sales and to reach a high degree on the Google browser, and for this you must seek to purchase the largest types of hosting and link them to the website.


Store design

It should be noted that the merchant will need to deal with a trusted company in designing the application of an online clothing store and regular follow-up in maintenance, and this may require a basic financial percentage of building the project.


Marketing phase

The application of clothing requires precise and sensitive steps for marketing in the world of electronics, for the ease of obtaining material profits in a short period, because there are large numbers of merchants aiming to publish huge numbers of clothing similar to your products.

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 Advantages of creating an online clothing store application

Advantages of creating an online clothing store application

The idea of designing an online clothing store application is a unique project for making money without the need to do hard efforts compared to other public projects, in addition to the following features:

  • It is possible to obtain a high rate of visitation and demand by customers on the application in just one month.
  • Achieving large financial profits in a record period.
  • The merchant outperformed the competitors with the best materials and models, and this is what the customer requires.
  • The rate of earnings increases automatically when viewing in-app advertising campaigns.
  • It is possible to identify the largest number of users of the application and offer them some gifts on the product to satisfy them to the fullest.
  • It is easier to deal with all customers via electronic chat instead of buying and selling through the usual public means.

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 Problems with the application of selling clothes online

Problems with the application of selling clothes online

Any project selling clothes faces many problems and obstacles due to errors in the design of the application and some other things that hinder profit, the most important of which are:

● Choosing an ordinary online store that does not have any subtle technical features or characteristics that attract customers.
● Avoid developing the website except when hacking attempts, but it is preferable to pay attention to updating the design of application icons only.
● Prices change dramatically every short period, and this may lead to the failure of the relationship between the customer and the store.
● Providing a small amount of clothes that will be exported through the store, which causes the customer not to get the desired product when he orders it.
● Not promoting clothes on the Internet may greatly hinder the marketing and purchasing process.
● Delaying delivery services to customers without paying attention to the required size and color, and this may lead to product recall.
● Selling old clothes that are relatively damaged as a result of being stored for many years.
● Slow loading of website and ordering services when shopping on the online store, with great difficulty in opening the top clothing images.
● Delaying the response to customer requests on the electronic chat communication page.


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 Special discount for article visitors

Special discount for article visitors


Do not hesitate to design an online clothing store application as a profitable project goal suitable for the current electronic age, as it is the best and best choice to reach a large percentage of profits, especially with women's products, but you must first strive to use modern and distinctive software to ensure its success in a short period.


Important information about the steps for designing an online clothing store app, what are the specifications and costs of a distinguished and profitable website, in addition to the problems that hinder the success of the clothing app project.



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