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e-library app design

Today, the world has become more digital than ever before in education. Dependence on education has become greater than before. If you have the idea of creating an electronic library application to help students review their lessons and remind them, when designing library applications, they are used for various purposes, including education, research, and general reading.

    • Smart Search System

    • Rating system

    • Multiple Sections

    • Add books

    • Book Catalog

    • download books

    • Save bookmarks

    • Change font size , color

    • Change view

    • Show and hide forming

 Management Dashboard

Management Dashboard

  • Manage the content of the application through the control panel
  • A special section for adding advertising banners
  • A special section for adding new categories
  • Determine the details of all book data (content of pictures - titles - author ...)
  • Alerts the user in case of uploading new books
  • Edit and delete books at any time
  • Update the user's device in case of deletion of books with alerts
  • Automatically update the customer library
  • Control to show and hide some books as needed
  • Add explanations and meanings of words
  • Provide different fonts, colors and symbols
  • Search filter and sort by title or author name
  • Statistics of the number of books and users

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 User Screen Interface

User Screen Interface

  • The application does not need an internet connection
  • The application is divided into book categories and sections
  • Search filter by the name and content of the book and the author's name
  • View all kinds of books
  • View details of each book by name, title and publication
  • Copying, enlarging, explaining and clarifying all the contents of the book
  • Font color and size control
  • Change the screen position from landscape to portrait and vice versa
  • The presence of an eye-keeping mode from night to day and vice versa
  • Change background color control
  • Display texts with formation and without formation
  • Put bookmarks and notes on any books and refer to it at any time
  • Alerts in case of new books
  • Having the ability to read, write and share books and the application

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 E-library App Design Duration

E-library App Design Duration


🎯 The time for designing and programming the delivery application ranges from 30 days to 45 days for one version only, whether it is for Android or iOS, and the project as a whole takes a period of two months to 90 days. It is possible to increase this period according to your needs and the technical specifications that you wish to add to the application. For more details about application design and programming prices in Egypt, please go to the next page.

  🎯 For detailed information about the delivery schedule, you can contact us now via the WhatsApp application, and our technical support team will respond to all your inquiries through the service of requesting a quote ..


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 E-library App Design Cost

E-library App Design Cost


When requesting quotations, you must know the basics of pricing for designing and programming real estate applications and the criteria for each of them:

1- A request to obtain application programming for more than one version or a user interface for each of (administration - users - customers)

2- The price of the Android version only differs from the Android and iPhone versions, in addition to designing a website.

3- The number of special features of the application plays a big role.


But mostly the prices of programming and designing a real estate application for both the iPhone and Android versions, in addition to the website, the cost of one copy averages $4,000, while the two versions average $6,000. To get an accurate and comprehensive price offer, contact us



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 Special discount for new visitors

Special discount for new visitors


Special offers and discounts for site visitors. To get the offer, contact us and get your website and application at the best costs, in addition to the following:

1- Competitive prices that suit all customers.

2- Discounts up to 8% for visitors to this article

3- Free hosting plus a domain for 12 months

4- Free identity or logo design

5- Integrated marketing consulting to ensure the progress of your activity

6- Manage promotional campaigns for applications for free

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