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Passenger delivery app design like Uber and Careem

"We are programming an application similar to the Uber and Careem applications for passenger transportation, and it has a set of features and specifications that ensure comfort for both the passenger and the driver at the same time. Many people prefer to use applications such as Uber and Careem to deliver passengers, and we have done excellent previous work in this field."

    • Data privacy

    • Live chat

    • Smart Search System

    • Location Accuracy

    • Credit wallet

    • Sales and Profit Account

    • Follow up with the driver

    • Driver evaluation

    • View driver data

    • Selecting a destination

 General Project Specifications

General Project Specifications

· - Modern user-friendly dashboard for application management   

· - Multilingual, Different Currencies, Many Countries and variety of Payment Methods 

· - It runs on all operating systems, Android, IOS, etc.

· - Fast and powerful hosts for free for the first year

· - A system for evaluation, feedback, complaints and suggestions 

· - Variety of ways to Login in and link it to SMS 

· - Notes and Notification for Customers and Drivers

· - Online Chat and direct communication with various users 

· - An accounting system to manage commissions and profits 

· - Comprehensive reports and analysis with all the details of the work

· - Complimentary technical support for one year after delivery of the application

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 Management Dashboard

Management Dashboard

· - Manage all application content through the dashboard 

· - Activate driver registration after reviewing the papers  

· - Access to customer data registered in the system

· - See status of all registered drivers and customers 

· (Activated - Waiting - Banned - Online - Offline)

· - See all available drivers on the map 

· - Automatically direct trips to the nearest drivers 

· - Showing the total number of drivers, passengers and cars 

· - Showing the total number of completed and incomplete trips 

· - Comprehensive reports on the profit in general and daily profits

· - Sending group or individual messages to customers and drivers

· - Notices and Notification of Offers and Discount Coupons

· - See customer ratings for drivers  

· - Trips route Tracking 

· - The possibility of identifying the places most in demand for trips

· - Full control of trip pricing according to peak times, crowds and distances    

· - Grant powers to users and adding more than one Admin 

· - A special system for invoices and amounts owed to drivers and on them 

· - An accounting system to manage commissions and profits 

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 Driver Dashboard Specifications

Driver Dashboard Specifications

· - Registration, uploading papers and waiting for activation status     

· - Viewing trips and the ability of accepting or rejecting them  

· - Showing the rider's data and communicating with him via phone or message  

· - The ability of viewing the details of the trip and the place to go 

· - The ability to change status from unavailable to available to receive trip requests  

· - View previous trip history and number of trips

· - See where customers are on the map

· - Ability to send alert notifications to rider upon arrival 

· - View customer ratings and feedback   

· - The ability to communicate with the management or technical support directly in the event of any problem

· - Receive notifications and messages from management and customer service   

· - View earnings details 

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 Clients Dashboard Specifications

Clients Dashboard Specifications

· - Login and activate via SMS  

· - Request a trip and determine the starting and ending points   

· - The ability to not determine the destination of the end  

· - The ability to change personal information, language and currency

· - Choose payment method Visa, online or Cash at the end of the trip 

· - You can schedule a flight anytime, any day   

· - The ability to cancel the trip before it starts 

· - Viewing the driver's details and communicating with him via message or call  

· - Advance invoice for approximate trip cost  

· - Knowing the driver's arrival time and following his traffic 

· - Alert notices when driver arrives

· - Knowing the expected flight time 

· - Use discount coupons and point aggregation system   

· - Show the driver's previous ratings and see a picture of him and the car

· - The ability to evaluate the driver 

· - View history and all details of past flights  

· - Balance wallet to find out the remaining balance and liabilities 

· - Communicate directly with technical support in case of complaints

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 duration of designing an app like uber

duration of designing an app like uber

🎯 The duration of designing an app like uber and careem , takes from  1 month to 2 month For one copy only Android or iPhone and for the entire project from 2 Month to 4 Month , and may increase according to your needs and technical specifications that you want to add in the application, for more details about the prices of application design in Egypt, go to the next page   

🎯 For details on delivery times, you can contact us now via WhatsApp and our technical support team will answer any questions through a quick consultation service free of charge


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 cost of designing an app like Uber

cost of designing an app like Uber

🔔 Before requesting a quotation, you must first know the basis of how the design price of the Passanger delivery application is determined. And what are the most important criteria that determine this: -  

· 1 - Not only one application is designed, but multiple copies ( management control panel - Captain - clients )

· 2 - Programming a copy for Android systems that has a price and another copy for IOS systems has a different price as well, as for the website that has an independent price as well

· 3 - Diversity of specifications is an important factor in determining the final price

🔔 In total, the quotation for A Personal pick up App design like uber For all versions Android + IOS + website on average starting from 4000 $ And the price of one copy only is about 2500 $ The final price for project is determined after communicating and knowing all your requirements and discussing them in detail 


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 Special discount for new visitors

Special discount for new visitors

👈  We offer a special discount for new visitors to our website when you communicate. You can now own your own project at the lowest cost. The technical offer also includes other features from Matrix Clouds: -

· 1- Featured quotes and packages that suit all needs  

· 2- 20% discount for new visitors to our site only when communicating

· 3 - Domaine and Host for free for one year

· 4- "Logo - Designs - Video..." design offerings Free

· 5- Providing marketing consultancy and analysis to ensure your success

· 6. Running marketing campaigns for the application free of charge 


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